It is Thursday the twelfth of December 2019 and it’s my second last day of a two-week study tour of India. For me, the experience has been emotional whiplash. Over the past couple of weeks, I have witnessed the beauty of the Taj Mahal, only to discover its ugly history of exploiting tens of thousands… Continue reading Dharavi

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  One of the great things about blogging is choosing what to write and when to publish. I am currently writing a lot of stuff on a bunch of things.  I am writing at all different times and inspired by various subjects.  Wordpress allows me to save posts as drafts and publish or polish whenever I want.… Continue reading Facebook

Going Solo

Not everything that happens in life is part of a well laid out plan. Recently I suddenly found myself out of the corporate workforce. The company I had worked for during the past five years went through a normal transformation and about one third of the incumbent team were let go.   Including me. Although… Continue reading Going Solo