The voice of Kalamina Gorge

It is 4:49 am on Saturday, June 29th, 2019. I know this because I set my alarm for weird times, and usually way before I need to get up. I should be relaxed, I have slept well, and like usual, things are pretty much organised. The house is very still and my two housemates are sleeping deeply—like most sensible people…

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Aligning Life

Everything is exactly where it’s meant to be. The past cannot be changed and the future will unfold as the most extraordinary experience of your life. Something incredible is happening and that we are all a part of it.

Training to be a tourist and producing a blog

I’ve always loved the idea of working on what I want and exercising the way I want at the same time. So a few weeks ago I started testing out the idea of going for a walk and creating content for my blog on my iPhone using Voice Record Pro.  I wanted to produce more results without doing more work.…

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The most important vehicle of all

Post number three.  Today I engaged my new travel agent to help me create my world trip.  we will do it on Tripit, which should let me share my itinerary with whomever I want. I have also planned a fitness regime for the next 4 weeks to ensure I am in good shape for my trip.  For endurance and for selfies…

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