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Hacking Life

Be Present, everything is exactly where it is meant to be.

The past cannot be changed and the future will unfold as the most extraordinary experience of your life.

Have faith that something incredible is happening and we are all a part of it.

Get healthy, sleep well, drink water and walk as much as you can.

Challenge yourself and run, swim, play sports, go hiking, do something, anything!

Go places and listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or call someone.

Understand addictions like sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, painkillers, gambling, games, sex, and recreational drugs.

Get expert advice and knowledge on biological, mental and social matters.

Keep clean personally and all the spaces you inhabit.

Adventure safely and wear good shoes, proper clothing, hats, sun protection and contraceptives.

Be organised and use a calendar for everything. Generate a future and always turn up 15 minutes early. Plan to spend time with family, friends, or someone you haven’t met yet.

Go places, see things, experience culture, live frugally and travel continuously.

Have fun, do nothing and develop yourself.

Be creative and make things, write things, sing songs, play music, dance and express yourself.

Connect with your partner, family, friends, and community. Everyone is dealing with something or has something to offer or both. Be interested in their stories, they will be interesting.

Develop skills for feeding, housing and generating an income for yourself and maybe others.

Solve Problems. Get help and help others. Lead by example and be a good role model for other members of your family, friends and community.

Take responsibility for your life, own your mistakes and clean up your mess.

Get educated as often as you can and enjoy it. Find mentors and listen to them.

Learn first aid, nobody will regret you saving their lives. Study languages, history, philosophy, accounting or law. Anything you want.

Understand money and developing cash flow.

Learn a trade and do something you enjoy to generate an income. Spend less than you earn and avoid debt.

Think big as there is no limit to your imagination and life will give you what you play for.

If you are not failing then you are not doing enough. If you are not dealing with big problems then you are not aiming high enough.

You will make a difference.

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