Do you have a big Idea?

Mike Vallender has been turning big ideas into commercial ventures since 1990.

According to Mike, there is a build order to creating companies that if you follow will increase your probability of success.

Mike knows firsthand the level of planning and the rigour required to build companies robust enough to succeed beyond the early stages.  Companies do not succeed by accident.  Great companies have clear plans to do big things.

Too many companies take 10 years to get five years’ worth of growth and others do not even make it that far.

Few people starting companies have a realistic perspective of the probability of success, which per idea is pretty low.

The challenge for Mike was how to embed the best of what he knows into the DNA of start-ups and allow them to grow the smartest way possible.  It had to be cost effective, fast, and good.

There is a build order to creating a business and it starts with a model and a plan of what you want to create.  Mike’s advice is don’t spend a cent until you have taken this step.

His best answer to date is to get founders into as a priority.

If you master this technology, your ability to build businesses will improve.  There is a 60-day free trial and a 50% discount to get going.

You will need to invest around AUD $300 per annum for a subscription and everything is driven from your web browser and delivered from the cloud. You can scale up or down users and plans as you need.

Subject to availability, Mike offers a starter pack for $1995, which includes 12 months’ access to liveplan and 4 x 2-hour personal coaching sessions for company founders.

Mike is committed to contributing to the tech start-up community and a portion of the profit will go to assisting very early-stage companies with no funding to get the planning they need with sponsored licenses.

When you invest here you are paying forward to whoever is coming next.