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The most important vehicle of all

Post number three.  Today I engaged my new travel agent to help me create my world trip.  we will do it on Tripit, which should let me share my itinerary with whomever I want.

I have also planned a fitness regime for the next 4 weeks to ensure I am in good shape for my trip.  For endurance and for selfies 🙂

I reckon it is easy to be cool and active in your twenties even in your thirties. The real test is keeping that up into your forties and beyond.

Regardless of what body you built for yourself out of the resources you were give at conception, you always have the choice to improve, make worse or do nothing.

For me being fit and healthy has always been something I have to keep a check on.  I have been through long periods of my life where I have been fat, smoking and living life extremely excessively.

I have also been periods of complete purity.  No vices lots of exercise and a focus on looking great.

These days it is mostly a balance, however as I know I only get one go at this body, I try to contribute to its performance on a daily basis.

The only way I know how to do this is by routine, which of course is harder to achieve if you are traveling a lot, which I like to.

The best rules I can think of are:

  1. Do something positive for your body first thing – drink half a litre of water is mine
  2. Do exercise as often as you can naturally like walking everywhere you can.  10 KM in a day is a good day.
  3. Only keep healthy food in the house.  I tend to eat whatever is in the fridge or cupboard eventually
  4. Surround yourself with people who are healthy and up for things in life – Tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are, my mom taught me that.
  5. Cut out bread and sugar, I save this for when I go to nice restaurants as a treat.
  6. Eat fresh fruit and veges, OMG is that a revelation.  I tend to always get Strawberries, bananas and mandarins.  I love them.
  7. Take things on.  Try everything, Yoga, rock climbing, swimming, tennis, bowls, dog walking, whatever.  Just do more than nothing.

I think seven rules are enough 🙂

About this picture

This picture was taken on the last day of a yoga retreat I did in Ubud Bali.  The guy next to me was my instructor for most sessions and you can see in his face a level of peace I strive for.

Taking a week out to focus on me was one of the most powerfully created weeks of my life.



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  1. Nice to see you here and to see your travel and health posts and you looking happy and energetic as ever. Kudos xx

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