Generating cash

At some point during a company’s growth there may be an opportunity to improve its position and/or valuation with a cash injection.  Examples of this could be: Selling more products or services Developing new products or services to sell Changing company ownership structure All or some of the above There are three main ways to… Continue reading Generating cash


  One of the great things about blogging is choosing what to write and when to publish. I am currently writing a lot of stuff on a bunch of things.  I am writing at all different times and inspired by various subjects.  Wordpress allows me to save posts as drafts and publish or polish whenever I want.… Continue reading Facebook

Going Solo

Not everything that happens in life is part of a well laid out plan. Recently I suddenly found myself out of the corporate workforce. The company I had worked for during the past five years went through a normal transformation and about one third of the incumbent team were let go.   Including me. Although… Continue reading Going Solo